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New european project to change how forests are managed

  • October 6, 2022
  • Forest Research

A new Horizon Europe project is bringing together the latest research, data, modelling and forest management techniques to support forests in Europe.

Eighteen organisations from across Europe are collaborating on the 4.5-year project CLIMB-FOREST. Working closely with the forestry sector and policy makers, CLIMB-FOREST aims to ensure Europe’s forests are resilient to the changing climate and support people and nature.

As a partner of CLIMB-FOREST, CEAM will study soil carbon dynamics and biomass allocation in response to different management treatments and extreme event conditions in WP2, and we will also work with stakeholders to analyze different management options, in response to different management scenarios from WP5.

Planting trees and restoring forests can play an important role in mitigating the climate crisis. Under the European Green Deal, the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030 commits to planting at least 3 billion additional trees in the EU by 2030.

CLIMB-FOREST will use the latest research and forestry data to create new tools, interactive maps and best practice guidance. Through collaboration with the forestry sector in interviews and dedicated forest visits, CLIMB-FOREST will identify and support effective forestry planning and management approaches, ensuring Europe’s forests are robust and support both people and nature.

To find out more, visit www.climbforest.eu and follow @ClimbForest

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