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    Autumn 2023


Mediterranean SST Report
Autumn 2023

  • February 6, 2024
  • Meteorology and Climatology

The Mediterranean area has been defined as a hot-spot for climate change. From a climatic point of view, the Mediterranean Sea and its interactions with the atmosphere play a fundamental role in its environmental conditions. It is, therefore, crucial to study the behaviour of the Mediterranean Sea in the past and to monitor its current situation to understand possible future scenarios in the region.

Mediterranean SST report is an initiative of the Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies (CEAM) Meteorology and Climatology area to periodically review and update sea surface temperature (SST) climatology and trend in the Mediterranean basin. This newsletter will be issued on a seasonal basis and is intended to disseminate the state of the art about Mediterranean SST but also as information for stakeholders and media interested in climate change. It is also our intention to offer this newsletter as a meeting point for the scientific community involved in the study of Mediterranean SST.

SST daily updated information can be found in our web SST-CEAMed at https://www.ceam.es/SST.

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