Fundamental research on meteorology and climate of the Mediterranean with the aim of obtaining a better understanding and modelling of the hydrological cycle, with special emphasis on the analysis of extreme weather events and their impacts in the context of global change. For this purpose, an integrative and multidisciplinary research is applied combining state-of-the-art observations and high-resolution modelling considering the different components of the climate system, soil-vegetation-atmosphere-ocean, as well as their interactions.


Improving our current understanding of the physical processes leading to the occurrence of extreme weather and climate events.

Meteorological instrumentation applied to physical processes in the boundary layer in the framework of climate change and its relationship with hydrology and establishment of observation networks for the analysis and monitoring of the hydrological cycle and the impacts of climate change in the Mediterranean.

High resolution numerical modelling of the atmosphere on time scales from hours to decades.

Urban meteorology in the field of heat island and its interrelation with heat wave phenomena.

Development of transdisciplinary and integrative research lines to bridge the knowledge of climate impacts and high impact climate change in the Mediterranean region, providing support to stakeholders, including governance and civil society.