Get to know the CEAM

Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies

What is it?

The Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies is a research, development and technological innovation center for the improvement of the environment in the Mediterranean area.

Our activity focuses on offering integrated proposals for environmental management in the field of the atmosphere, ecosystems, human activities, and their interactions. This requires the participation of multidisciplinary teams with precise knowledge to describe and understand natural processes and those modified by human activities, with the aim of developing and offering sustainable management options adapted to Mediterranean conditions


Scientific and technical team

Our scientific and technical team includes experts in meteorology and climate; atmospheric chemistry and dynamics of atmospheric pollutants; numerical simulation; high precision analytical instrumentation, both laboratory and field; carbon cycle; ecosystem dynamics; fire ecology and forest restoration. A team that, over more than 25 years of research, has applied its knowledge and experiences in the prediction of extreme weather events (heat waves, torrential rains); to mitigation and adaptation to climate change; to the prevention of forest fires and the recovery of burned and desertified mountains; to the analysis and evaluation of atmospheric pollution in urban, rural and industrial environments and its impacts. Activities that we have carried out directly or in collaboration with the main international environmental research centers and that we have applied throughout the Mediterranean area.

Research areas

The activity is articulated through research projects, encompassed in five research areas:

CEAM Activities

CEAM’s activities range from basic research, aimed at solving priority environmental problems, to the development of new technologies and applications, with the implementation of pilot projects where the advances obtained at the scale of management. It is, therefore, essentially pre-competitive R&D.

R&D&i activity

From the R&D activity, scientific advisory functions are also developed on the topics within the competence of the CEAM and, specifically, it contributes to the development of environmental management policies at different levels, from the regional to the of the European Union.