Get to know the CEAM

Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies

Mission, vision and values


To offer innovative technological proposals to improve environmental management in the field of the atmosphere, ecosystems, human activities and their interactions, covering the deficit of knowledge and procedures on issues of special relevancy for the Valencian Comunity and, by extension, be transferable to other Mediterranean areas.

The consolidation of the entity will be reached when CEAM offer products that are on demand by society, a situation which inevitably involves:

  • To maintain a competitive position in public calls to finance R & D projects, since its consolidation is based on research.
  • Make the institution visible to administrations and companies for their proven ability to solve problems such as Mediterranean forest Management, Air Pollution and identification of critical weather conditions in the Mediterranean basin.
  • To have scientific and technical facilities of reference, to support the international recognition of the institution.


To be a reference center in the Valencian Community, leading the expertise on the Environment in the Mediterranean basin in the field of the atmosphere (meteorology, pollution and atmospheric chemistry), Mediterranean Terrestrial Ecosystems, Climate Change and the Carbon Cycle, as well as management and forest restoration, aiming to offer integrated proposals for environmental management.


Values that underlies the guidelines or referents that should lead the work of our institution:

Excellence: Throughout its more than 25 years of activity, the institution has achieved a significant level of excellence in specific areas. We must be able to translate this excellence to the application and leave those issues where it is not possible to acquire this level.

Commitment: The institution should focus its activities on solving actual environmental issues directly affecting the Valencian society in particular.

Effectiveness: We must be able to set and achieve realistic targets that allow stabilizing the institution in the medium term.

Efficiency: We must optimize resources, tangible and intangible, avoid repetition, and encourage the interaction and the transfer of knowledge as well as the transfer of information and experiences among all the stakeholders in the activity.

Equality: Awareness and commitment to promote it both between their employees as well as in the development of its activity the equality between men and women, for this reason an Strategic Engagement for Gender Equality has been implemented.

Coherence: The activities developed must be consistent with our mission and vision.

Confidence and enthusiasm: Maintain a high level of confidence in the work we do, transmitting towards our customers, (current and potential users) and to society in general. This level of confidence can be achieved only with the commitment of the entire staff working on exciting projects with future projection.

Recognition: To make sure our institution has projection and achieve its maintenance, its activity should continue with maximum scientific, social, and institutional recognition.

Satisfaction: The satisfaction of users and society in general is essential to make the project successful.

Initiative: The individual initiative should be valued and promoted to encourage the development of research activity of quality.

Innovation: As a research center of reference, innovation must be present at all levels of the institution, both in the purely organizational or functional part as well as in the development of the activity.

Participation: To encourage staff motivation and involvement, information and participation mechanisms will be established in accordance with level of responsibility within each position.