What is it?

The Atmospheric Chemistry area focuses its activities on the study of chemical transformation processes of pollutants in the atmosphere, both of biogenic and anthropogenic origin, and whose degradation products can cause serious effects on human health and vegetation. In addition, it contributes to the generation of greenhouse gases or secondary aerosols that can have an impact on radiative forcing. For this, it houses EUPHORE (EUropean PHOto-Reactor) which is one of the largest simulation chambers of atmospheric chemical processes in Europe. Its characteristics allow the simulation of such processes in nearly real conditions, due to its large size and the use of natural light, being equipped with a wide and outstanding analytical infrastructure.


EUPHORE atmospheric simulators are available for use by any research group related to air pollution, as well as for industry.



Develop research on atmospheric chemical processes that affect air quality and health through the use of the atmospheric simulation chambers EUPHORE. Carry out measurements and observations of air pollution and air quality in various environments to know the state of air quality in these environments and support Public Administrations or the business sector, as well as the improvement of the capacities and associated analytical techniques of EUPHORE to undertake these investigations.