EUropean PHOtoREactor

EUPHORE is one of the major outdoor simulation chamber facilities world-wide comprising two hemispherical domes (200 m3 each). It is used in the research and follow-up of atmospheric chemical processes, which can be simulated under near-real conditions given its large size and the use of natural light.
EUPHORE is equipped with a large number of analytical instruments to characterize gas and particle-phase compounds: VOCs, radicals, aerosols, organic nitrates, hydroperoxides, etc. This instrumentation includes different monitors, optical systems, chromatographic techniques, mass spectrometry, particulate matter instruments and systems to characterize key physical parameters. Therefore, both well-stablished and state-of-the-art techniques (e.g. PTR-ToF-MS and API-ToF-CIMS), are part of the facilities.
Main research areas include atmospheric behaviour of biogenic and anthropogenic VOCs, degradation products, formation of ozone and aerosols. Besides, EUPHORE can be used as a testbed to assess and characterize depolluting technologies and instrumentation, allowing the intercomparison of instrumentation, with possibility of accommodating a large number of external instruments.