The Pollutant Dynamics area focuses its activity on the different aspects involved in the atmospheric dispersion of the different polluting species, since they are released by the corresponding emission sources till reaching the surface, giving rise to the concentrations levels that determine human and environmental exposure, as result of atmospheric processes that condition their transport, transformation, removing and diffusion.


The main objective of the area is the application of knowledge to the demands/challenges/needs posed by society in the field of air quality (technology transfer), with two main lines of action:

  1. Support Public Administrations in their needs of regulatory compliance derived from the application of current legislation, especially oriented to the characterization, monitoring and management of air quality, the design and control of action/correction plans, the evaluation of the impact on health, etc.
  2. Provide support to business needs in terms of atmospheric environment and meteorological information, especially oriented towards large industrial sectors with specific demand for special applications/developments.