Photochemical Reactor <span>Chambers EUPHORE</span>

Photochemical Reactor

Chambers Euphore


Photochemical Reactor Chambers EUPHORE


  • Atmospheric behavior of biogenic and anthropogenic volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Potential formation of ozone and aerosols. Determination of life time in air, and degradation products

  • Modeling of photochemical degradation processes of atmospheric pollutants

  • Pesticides Air degradation studies of certain pesticides (for example organophosphorous insecticides, or analine-type herbicides)

  • Evaluation of the behavior of photocatalytic materials for the reduction of nitrogen oxides and other pollutants in urban and semi-urban environments

  • Study of the transformations in air of pollutants emitted by diesel fuels or biodiesels with different compositions or mixtures. Ability to adapt another type of engine

  • Use of chambers for development, or improvement of new instrumentation for measurements of compounds in air. Inter-comparison of instrumentation, identification of problems or possible interferences, etc.