Air and Water Analysis

Air and Water Analysis


Air and Water Analysis

Analysis of compounds in air

  • Supply and analysis of passive samplers (NO2, SO2, NH3, O3)

  • Analysis of a wide range of substances (over 400 compounds) in the air (gas phases, particulate phase), including BTEX, PAHS, terpenes, sulphur compounds, oxygenated organic compounds: ketones, aldehydes, carboxylic acids, etc. Development or adaptation of analytical methodologies. Possibility of amplifying study matrices (water, food, soils, etc.).

  • Analysis of pesticides concentrations in the air (gas phase, particulate phase and rainwater). Studies on pest-control substances scattering in the air. Possible emission sources of non-authorised pest-control substances.

  • Measurement of regulated and non-regulated chemical compounds

  • Continuous measurements and measurements with nanosensors (specks)

Analysis of waters

  • Analysis of anions and cations (ion chromatography and ICP-OES)