European Union

European Union


European Union

HORIZON 2020. The EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation


    2024 / 2028

    Integrated Infraestructure Services for Climate Change risks – IRISCC

    [Project 101131261]
  • CLImate Mitigation and Bioeconomy pathways for sustainable FORESTry.

  • Solutions for Sustainable Access to Atmospheric Research Facilities.


European Cooperation in Science and Technology. COST Actions.

Completed Projects

  • Innovative techniques for Facies Weald and Utrillas mine restoration.

    [LIFE16 ENV/ES/000159]
  • Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes – Towards 2020 and beyond – EUROCHAMP-2020

  • Development of a real-time information and monitoring system to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials under REACH.

    [LIFE14 ENV/ES/000662]
  • Air pollution treatment in European urban environments by means of photocatalytic textiles


  • Global Change Impacts on Wildland Fire Behaviour and Uses in Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems, towards a « wall less » Mediterranean Wildland Fire Laboratory

  • ICOS improved sensors, network and interoperability for GMES

  • Catastrophic Shifts in drylands: How can we prevent ecosystem degradation?

  • Fate and Impact Atmospheric Pollutants

  • Integrated non-CO2 Greenhouse gas Observation System []



    2011 / 2013

    Regions for climate protection: toward governance, from knowledge to action []

  • Forest fires under climate, social and economic changes in Europe, the Mediterranean and other fire-affected areas of the world

  • Greenhouse Gas Management in European Land Use Systems

  • ntegration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes []

  • The terrestrial Carbon cycle under Climate Variability and Extremes – a Pan-European synthesis

  • Prevention and Restoration Actions to Combat Desertification. An Integrated Assessment

  • Further Development and Implementation of an EU-level Forest Monitoring System (FUTMON)

    [LIFE07 ENV/DE/000218]
  • Integrated Carbon Observation System

  • Infrastructure for measurement of the European Carbon Cycle

  • Climate Change and Impact Research: The Mediterranean Environment


    2007 / 2008

    VEGETPOLLOZONE. Coopération transnationale: dégâts d’ozone sur la végétation. Communication et sensibilisation des acteurs publics à cette problématique.

  • Atmospheric fate and impact of pesticedes (AFIP)

    [PERSPECTIVE 2007/2013]
  • The nitrogen cycle and its influence on the european green house gas balance

  • Encourager la pêche responsable dansl´ensemble du bassin mediterraneen pour limiter les menaces du changement climatique – H2O

  • Land care in desertificated affected areas: From science towards applications []

  • Integration of European Simulation Chambers for Investigating Atmospheric Processes

  • Assessment of the EuropeanTerrestrial Carbon Balance

  • A pseudo binary approach to secondary aerosols

  • Euro-Mediterranean Wildland Fire Laboratory: A “wall-less” Laboratory for Wildland Fire Sciences and Technologies in the Euro-Mediterranean Region

  • Conservation and restoration of European cork oak woodlands: A unique ecosystem in the balance [

  • Restoration actions to combat desertification in the northern Mediterranean

  • Progama Leonardo Da Vinci. Training module for Environmental Pollution Control

    [RO/02/B/F/14 1004]
  • Development of optical remote sensing instruments for volcanological applications

  • Mediterranean terrestrial ecosystems and increasing drought: Vulnerability assessment

  • Forest fire spread prevention and mitigation


    2002 / 2004
  • Multi-phase chemistry of oxigenated species in the troposphere

  • Effects of land use change on sources, skins and fluxes of carbon in European mountain areas

  • Processes relevant to global change. Improvements and access to a large simulation chamber

  • Geomatics in the assessment and sustainable management of Mediterranean rangelands

  • Concerted Action to support the Mediterranean regional action program to combat desertification

  • Regional assessment and modelling of the carbon balance within Europe

  • Effects of the oxidation of aromatic compounds in the troposphere


    1999 / 2003

    Evaluation of the climatic impact of dimethyl sulphide


    1999 / 2001

    Revalorización de bosques productores de trufa, un ejemplo de gestión sostenible

    [LIFE 99-ENV/E/000356]
  • Origin and formation of secondary organic aerosol


    1999 / 1999


    [14935-1999-04 FIELD ISP ES]
  • Engineering tomato against environmental stress


    1998 / 2001

    Restoration of degraded ecosystems in Mediterranean Regions


    1998 / 2000

    Diesel fuel and snoot: Fuel reformulation and its atmospheric implications


    1998 / 2000

    Sampling device for the measurement of peroxy radicals in laboratory and field experiments [

  • Evaluation of radical sources in atmospheric chemistry through chamber and laboratory studies


    1998 / 1999

    Carbon and water fluxes of Mediterranean forest and impacts of land use/cover changes

  • DOAS

    1997 / 1999

    DOAS Measurements on degradation mechanisms and product analysis of aromatic hydrocarbons at the European Photo-Reactor, Valencia/Spain


    1997 / 1998

    Experiments on photolosys in the Euphore chambers

    [14001-1998-96 F1PC ISP ES/14928-1999-04F1PEI ISP ES]
  • Land use changes interactions with fire in Mediterranean landscapes

    [ENV4-CT96-0320 / AMB98-1174/CE]
  • Biogenic emissions in the Mediterranean area. Phase II

  • Degradation mechanisms for biogenic VOC


    1996 / 1996

    Estudio de los parámetros fisico-químicos que controlan la oxidación fotoquímica de los hidrocarburos aromáticos en atmósferas urbanas simuladas

  • Sustainable telematics for environmental management

    [EN1014 (EN)]

    1994 / 1996

    Reclamation of mediterranean ecosystems affected by wildfires

  • European Photoreactor

  • BEMA (I)

    1993 / 1995

    Biogenic emissions in the Mediterranean Area

    [11096.95.07 F1PC.ISP E]
  • South european cycles of air pollution


    1990 / 1992

    Regional cycles of air pollutants in the west-central Mediterranean area

    [STEP-0006.C (JR)]

    1986 / 1992

    Mesometeorological cycles of air pollution in the Iberian Peninsula