Belén Rico Bordera


Position: Research assistant

Research interests

I am interested in different areas of meteorology and climatology as extreme weather, climate change and weather forecasting. The aim of my recent research is to analyse and to study, in the Western Mediterranean region, some extreme phenomena as heat waves and marine heat waves, droughts and extreme rains.

Also, I highlight the interaction between geology and meteorology as hydrogeology, climatic and geologic risks, and environmental geology, among others, important in extreme weather in the Mediterranean region.

• Extreme meteorological events
• Climate change in the Mediterranean region
• Weather forecast
• Climatic risks


Scientific IDs
• OrcID:

  • MED-EXTREME_CIDEGENT. Towards improved understanding, modelling and predictability of Climate Change induced extreme phenomena in the Western Mediterranean. [CIDEGENT/2018/017].
  • MEDEXTREME_II. Incentivos a la estabilización personal investigador del Plan Generación Talent (Plan GenT). [S8772000].