Pau Benetó Vallés


Position: Researcher

Research interests

My main interests are related to the analysis and modelling of surface processes within the soil‑vegetation‑atmosphere system and their impact on precipitation and extreme precipitation in the context of climate change. Recently, my research has focused on the influence of land use characteristics on the hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean basins of the Iberian Peninsula using meteorological model, as well as the analysis of extreme precipitation changes in the western Mediterranean.

• Climate change in the western Mediterranean
• Extreme precipitation and hydrological cycle
• Weather numerical modelling
• Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model

Scientific IDs
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  • Benetó, P., Khodayar, S. 2023. On the need for improved knowledge on the regional-to-local precipitation variability in eastern Spain under climate change. Atmospheric Research, 290:106795-,
  • Khodayar, S., Pastor, F., Valiente, J.A., Benetó, P. and Ehmele, F., 2022. What causes a heavy precipitation period to become extreme? The exceptional October of 2018 in the Western Mediterranean, 38, 100493,
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  • Pau Benetó-Vallés and Samira Khodayar, Extreme precipitation evolution in the western Mediterranean under climate change. Oral presentation at the 8th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean, 25-27 May 2021, virtually.
  • Pau Benetó-Vallés and Jose Luis Palau, Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Exchange Analysis during a Convective Summer Storm over the Túria River Basin (Eastern Spain) using the WRF Model, 7th International Conference on Meteorology and Climatology of the Mediterranean, 4-6 March 2019, Palma (Spain)
  • Extreme eVEnts Affecting the Valencian Region: Heat waves, droughts, megafires and air pollution (EVER) (2023-2027) [CIPROM/2022/37]
  • Towards improved understanding, modelling and predictability of Climate Change induced extreme phenomena in the Western Mediterranean (MED‑EXTREME_CIDEGENT) (2019-2023) [CIDEGENT/2018/017]
  • Global Change Impacts on the Western Mediterranean Basin: Meteorology, Atmospheric Pollution and Forest Ecosystems (IMAGINA). R&D Project Funding from Generalitat Valenciana (2019-2022) [PROMETEU/2019/110]
  • Improving surveillance and forecasting regional systems of atmospheric risks (2016-2019) [CGL2015-67466-R]