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Meteorology and Pollutant Dynamics Department
Fundación CEAM

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PhD in Atmospheric Physics in Universitat de Barcelona, I am a researcher at Mediterranean Center for Environmental Studies (CEAM) since 1998. My research has been always related to meteorological risks in the Western Mediterranean area, mainly in the eastern side of the Iberian Peninsula. Main research topics have been flash floods, torrential rains and wildfires.

In the case of torrential rains I have worked in numerical modelling of rain events in the Iberian Peninsula, Valencia region, and about the relationship between torrential rains and sea surface temperature. Regarding wildfires I have worked on the study of meteorological situations and wind regimes in wildfires in the Valencia region.

I have worked in a number of research projects and made some publications, most of them available in my Research Gate profile.

I got my degree in physics at the University of Barcelona in 1994. After spending some time in the Meteorology and Astronomy Department on the University of Barcelona I finally started working, from 1998 to the present, in the Meteorology and Pollutant Dynamics area. Throughout these years I obtained my PhD in Atmospheric Physics in Universitat de Barcelona (2012).

I have worked in 12 competitive and 9 non-competitve research projects and participated in a number of scientific publications.

I am also working as associate Professor in Physics in the Universitat Jaume I Physics department (Castellón, Spain)