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ATTENDANCE TO THE WORKSHOP “INNPULSO, Net of Cities for Science and Innovation”

Date: 08-03-2016

Place: Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Valencia (Spain)

Actions: D1 - E2

Within the dissemination activities of the PHOTOCITYTEX project, the CEAM Foundation attended a workshop organized by Valencia City Council, INNDEA Valencia (its foundation to promote joint projects), CDTI (Center for the Technological and Industrial Development), ZABALA (consulting agency) and Smart City-UPV. The event took place in the Polytechnic University of Valencia. 

The workshop was on financial European opportunities cities and was attended by about 60 people that included numerous environmental and project technicians representing city councils, among others. There was a networking activity where our LIFE project was shown throughout a poster and leaflets, with a high interest by the audience.

LIFE PHOTOCITYTEX - Air pollution treatment in European urban environments by means of photocatalytic textiles. LIFE13 ENV/ES/000603. info@ceam.es