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  Publications 2023

- Morcillo, L., Turrión, D., Fuentes, D., Vilagrosa, A. 2023. Drone-based assessment of microsite-scale hydrological processes promoted by restoration actions in early post-mining ecological restoration stages. J ENVIRON MANAGE, 348:119468-119468. [2023ART14].

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- Mas, E., Cochard, H., Deluigi, J., Didion Gency, M., Martin StPaul, N., Morcillo, L., Valladares, F., Vilagrosa, A., Grossiord, C. 2023. Interactions between beech and oak seedlings can modify the effects of hotter droughts and the onset of hydraulic failure. NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 1-14. [2023ART12].

- Yuan, X., Xu, Y., Calatayud, V., Li, Z., Feng, Z., Loreto, F. 2023. Emissions of isoprene and monoterpenes from urban tree species in China and relationships with their driving factors. ATMOS ENVIRON, 314: [2023ART11].

- Di Biagio, C., Doussin, J., Cazaunau, M., Pangui, E., Cuesta, J., Sellitto, P., Rodenas, M., Formenti, P. 2023. Infrared optical signature reveals the source-dependency and along-transport evolution of dust mineralogy as shown by laboratory study. Scientific reports, 13:13252-13252. [2023ART10].

- Sabater, A.M., Valiente, J.A., Bellot, J., Vilagrosa, A. 2023. Testing transpiration rates of juvenile Aleppo pine trees using the heat ratio method under laboratory conditions. Ecohydrology, 1-10. [2023ART09].

- Jung, D., Soler, R., de la Paz, D., Notario, A., Munoz, A., Rodenas, M., Vera, T., Borras, E., Borge, R. 2023. Oxidation capacity changes in the atmosphere of large urban areas in Europe: Modelling and experimental campaigns in atmospheric simulation chambers. CHEMOSPHERE, 341:139919-139919. [2023ART08].

- Calatayud, V., Diéguez, J.J., Agathokleous, E., Sicard, P. 2023. Machine learning model to predict vehicle electrification impacts on urban air quality and related human health effects. ENVIRON RES, 228:1-12. [2023ART07].

- Maturano Ruiz, A., Ruiz Yanetti, S., Manrique Alba, A., Moutahir, H., Chirino, E., Vilagrosa, A., Bellot, J. 2023. The main factors that drive plant dieback under extreme drought differ among Mediterranean shrubland plant biotypes. J VEG SCI, 1-14. [2023ART06].

- Zhang, W., Jung, M., Migliavacca, M., Poyatos, R., Miralles, D.G., El Madany, T.S., Galvagno, M., Carrara, A., Arriga, N., Ibrom, A., Mammarella, I., Papale, D., Cleverly, J.R., Liddell, M., Wohlfahrt, G., Markwitz, C., Mauder, M., Limoges, E.P., Schmidt, M., Wolf, S., Bruemmer, C., Arain, M.A., Fares, S., Kato, T., Ardo, J., Oechel, W., Hanson, C., Korkiakoski, M., Biraud, S., Steinbrecher, R., Billesbach, D., Montagnani, L., Woodgate, W., Shao, C., Carvalhais, N., Reichstein, M., Nelson, J.A. 2023. The effect of relative humidity on eddy covariance latent heat flux measurements and its implication for partitioning into transpiration and evaporation. AGRICULTURAL AND FOREST METEOROLOGY, 330: [2023ART05].

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- Muñoz, A., Borrás, E., Vera, T., Colmenar, I., Ródenas, M., Gimeno, C., Fuentes, E., Coscollá, C., Calvete Sogo, H. 2023. Atmospheric degradation of two pesticides mixed with volatile organic compounds emitted by citrus trees. Ozone and secondary organic aerosol production. ATMOS ENVIRON, 295: [2023ART02].

- Sicard, P., Agathokleous, E., Anenberg, S., De Marco, A., Paoletti, E., Calatayud, V. 2023. Trends in urban air pollution over the last two decades: A global perspective. SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT, 858:160064-160064. [2023ART01].



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